About Us

Hey there and welcome to Petvacuumbutler.com,

cat on couchI’m a neat freak who loves animals. Being a Mom to two kids, and a slave to two dogs and a cat, keeps me busy. Our four-legged family consists of an energetic Weimaraner (that loves jumping on my favorite sofa), a snorting and farting pug, and a cat that thinks it’s the CEO of the household. Life isn’t easy but it’s always full of fun. By the way, the cat’s hobby is teasing the dogs so you can imagine the mayhem in our home!

This is my corner to get away from the craziness. Here, I can be in my own world and shut out everyone (except the cat). It helps me stay sane while living with cats and dogs. Although, the cat does appear as a guest poster from time to time (I knew I called him Hemingway for a reason!). Hemingway contributes a unique point of view that helps me see life through a different set of eyes.


A few months ago, one of my sons was diagnosed with asthma. I spent hours figuring out how to keep the home clean and free of all that pet hair. There’s no way I was ever going to get rid of any of my pets. They’re my family too! Golly gee do these pets shed!

In the past, I’ve worked as a waitress, teacher and researcher. These days, I’m the resident expert on keeping a clean home while living with animals but Hemingway will tell you I’m really the indentured servant of the menagerie.

I hope you enjoy the stories and photos here.



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