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For those of you that own a horse, here’s a review of our pick of the best vacuum for horse hair. There isn’t a lot of choice of horse vacuums on the market but having one can make it so much easier to keep your horse’s coat clean and shiny.

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They say that owning a horse is a signal to the world that you have class and style. However, since a horse is more than a pet, you need to make sure you take some special care of it.
While getting your beautiful animal washed and cleaned is a good start, a bit of grooming goes a long way.

Enter the Rapid Groom Heavy-Duty Horse Vacuum.

This cool pet hair vacuum cleaner will give your horse a reinvigorating clean up that will make your horse look dashing.

Features of the Rapid Groom Heavy Duty Horse Vacuum

The Rapid Groom Heavy-Duty Horse Vacuum Cleaner is a cleaning unit that works well for cleaning animal fur and animal hair.

It comes with a two-speed, 120 volt and 9.5 amp turbine motor that provides powerful suction that works well when vacuuming the thick layers of a horse’s coat. To make the cleaning process more thorough, the vacuum also has a maximum power 100” water lift vacuum for body hair and a 60” water lift for legs and sensitive areas.

This means that you can use this cleaner to give your horse a complete clean without discomfort to your horse. If your horses have never been vacuumed before, it’s best to introduce them to it slowly. Let the horse sniff it and try rubbing the horse with it before turning the vacuum on.

Unlike brushing, where dust is attracted back onto the coat through static electricity, this Rapid Groom Heavy-Duty Horse Vacuum Cleaner sucks up the dust to keep the coat clean. It also draws the oil along the coat so the horse’s coat stays shiny.

Benefits of the Rapid Groom Heavy Duty Horse Vacuum

The Rapid Groom Heavy-Duty Horse Vacuum makes sure that your horse gets an impressive grooming makeover.

You can clean your horse’s coat, so it’s shining and smooth. Using the cleaner, you can remove dirt and other foreign particles, like fine powder dust in your stalls, from the horse’s coat. It makes it so easy to wash your horse with water and dry it with the vacuum cleaner’s drying function.

The vacuum cleaner works well on horse’s legs and other sensitive areas.

If you want your horse to be clean and fresh, use the vacuum cleaning tool along with soap and water and give it a bath.

The cleaner also comes with other useful tools and add-ons such as a crushproof hose, and three disposable paper filtered bags (to collect dirt and germs). The vinyl spaghetti brush is gentle and ideal for sensitive parts.

The conclusion

Having a horse is a very good idea but you need to make sure your horse is well-groomed. The Rapid Groom Heavy-Duty Horse Vacuum cleaner is great value for the price. It is a quiet machine that does the job.

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